Rich History

The 100-year-old history of Pootharekulu, the unique taste and the way it is made has turned Pootharekulu  into a classic from just an old traditional Andhra sweet. In the days of yore, Pootharekulu was consumed by the Kings and royal families on special occasions to celebrate joy and love. The tradition has been passed on from generation to generation and Pootharekulu is still used in weddings and special occasions in Andhra Pradesh to glorify the occasion. Although there are many different variants of andhra sweets on the market, Pootharekulu has found a unique place forever etched in the hearts of people.


Atreyapuram is a serene village located on the banks of Eastern Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. River Godavari is one of the wealthiest riverbeds in India. Having said that, the island-shaped village is rich in vegetation, culture and has its trademark sweet called ‘Atreyapuram Pootharekulu’. Over the years, the women of Atreyapuram village have mastered the art of making the most traditional, rich and delicious sweet called “ Pootharekulu “, which is now the most sought-after sweet for every occasion in Andhra Pradesh. In Andhra Pradesh, Putharekulu is more than just a sweet. The fame and history of Pootharekulu signify royalty, pride, heritage and no celebration is complete without a bite of Pootharekulu.

Fikana Foods believe that nothing can beat the taste when something is made with utmost care and love. The delicacy, richness and taste of Pootharekulu remain the same as it was in the golden ages.

The major ingredient for Pootharekulu is rice based and we have 4 varieties like Plain and Dryfruit with added Sugar or jaggery to make Sweet Poothareku. The rice from which the Pootharekulu is made is sourced from the homegrown paddy fields of Atreyapuram, in the banks of river Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. The beauty of Pootharekulu lies in the unique way of making. As the saying goes, God is in the details, just how the way the Pootharekulu is made needs utmost attention to every single detail in the process of making. Making of Video Link Youtube

The rice sheets are made in inverted mud pots heated from the bottom, the temperature of the pot is constantly monitored and the liquidy rice dough is swiped in the pot by a cloth forming a thin layer of a sheet which is then removed when the sheets are fully formed and crisp. Buffalo ghee is added to the sheets to bring in the flavour. The rice sheets are folded and filled with sugar, jaggery and dry fruits for the flavour and taste.

Minute details such as density of the rice dough, the thickness of the cloth and the temperate play a vital role in maintaining the consistency in the taste and authenticity of Pootharekulu. Most of all, the major ingredient in the making of Pootharekulu lies in fact that it is handcrafted with women with love who put their soul in the making of this amazing sweet just like how the old kings liked it.

The taste of Pootharekulu is just as amazing and lip-smacking as the way it is made. The thin rice sheets melt in your mouth with the flavour of the fillings complimented with a slight satisfying smell of the pot and the smoke. Every bite of Putharekulu is an experience itself.

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Women Empowerment

Around 400 families in the village make Pootharekulu. The women of Atreyapuram are the warriors behind the authenticity and savour of Pootharekulu till date. They have carefully and skillfully mastered the art of making the authentic traditional Pootharekulu sweet. The women of Atreyapuram solely depend on their income from the making of Pootharekulu. We at Fikana Foods are with the women to help them grow, empower and succeed in their lives by being the major suppliers of Pootharekulu online and in our stores.

Our Varieties of Atreyapuram Pootharekulu

Andhra Sweet Atreyapuram
Poothareku Giftpack

Order now 4 varieties of Authentic Atreyapuram Pootharekulu from Fikana Foods. We sell Sugar/Jaggery Pootharekulu from Atreyapuram village as plain and with dryfruits.

Andhra sweet atreyapuram sugar pootharekulu online

Atreyapuram Plain / Dryfruit
Sugar Pootharekulu

Sugar Atreyapuram Pootharekulu from Fikana Foods are made at Atreyapuram in the authentic way. We have 2 varieties Plain Sugar Pootharekulu & Dryfruit Sugar Pootharekulu.

Athreyapuram Plain Dryfruit Jaggery Putharekulu

Atreyapuram Plain/Dryfruit
Jaggery Pootharekulu

Jaggery Atreyapuram Pootharekulu from Fikana Foods are made at Atreyapuram in the authentic way. We have 2 varieties Plain Jaggery Pootharekulu & Dryfruit Jaggery Pootharekulu.

Fikana Foods

Atreyapuram Putharekulu shipped form Fikana Foods is made in the same old classic way by adding a hint of our creativity. Along with the traditional old Pootharekulu, you also can get Pootharekulu in different shapes and sizes as you like it. We also have a variant of Putharekulu which is filled with exotic and premium dry fruits giving you the richness of the taste with a classical touch.

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Our Poothareku does not have any preservatives, added flavours or colours. We prepare it the same old tradiotional way and shipping direct from atreyapuram. It’s fully organic and pure, just like your Mom’s cooking. 


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